Online Attraction

by Thomas Clarke



A semi-autobiographical electronic track about online dating and chat rooms. I wrote the lyrics a few years ago, and updated them for a submission in a writers' workshop anthology in NYC earlier this year. Since it didn't make the anthology, I found some accompanying beats and finished the track in September 2016. Composed in San Antonio, TX, using Acoustica Mixcraft 6 and Spesoft Text-to-mp3. Mastered using Mastering Box.


Yeah, you're the greatest thing I've seen
across that computer screen
(uh oh)
Yeah, you're the greatest thing I've seen
across that computer screen
Yeah you're really hot
and you seem to think that I am too
yeah let's trade numbers and pictures and favorite positions
but what do you mean I'm too far away
you got a problem with the A train?
who owns a car in New York, anyway?

4 hours, 3 fembots later, still single
wonder where the afternoon went
wonder why I'm still single
wonder why my winks and hellos don't work
wonder why nothing I say seems to work
no, I don't have any STDs or viruses
but I wish I could say the same for my computer after chatting with you

geolocation the latest rage
now you can get stalked on your cellphone
I guess that explains why I chatted with an attractive blonde girl
and I'm now being stalked by a 70 year old guy that I don't think is her father
maybe it's too easy to get tumbler, tinder, and grinder confused
especially when gender isn't permanent anymore
but no, I'm not following in Cait's high heels anytime soon

10 hours, spending way too much time online
forgot what I was looking for
sure it's cheaper than the bars and less smoky
but the old ways of finding love don't work anymore
and the new ways don't work either
no wonder why I'm still single in my 40s
maybe next September, I should plan a trip to that matchmaking festival in County Clare
oh great, that's online now, too!
(Pog mo thoin)


released September 30, 2016
All writing, lyrics, instrumentation, and production by Thomas Clarke



all rights reserved


Thomas Clarke Lewiston, Maine

Thomas Clarke was born in Abilene, TX, and raised in Colorado Springs. In the early 1990s, he first met producer Steve Peak (Speak Online), who introduced him to songwriting. He attended Brooklyn College in the late 1990s. He was one of the co-stars and contributed music to a 2014 art production about homelessness in Austin called “Am I Invisible”. ... more

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